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A Look at Common Chinchilla Health Issues

There are many different chinchilla health issues that you may have to deal with at some point. This article will discuss some of these conditions.

By: D Swain
Most problems can be prevented by providing a clean environment and plenty of fresh water and food.  However, you still may have to deal with one of several chinchilla health issues at some point.  Some of the most common issues include diarrhea, ear infections, and heat stroke.  This article will discuss some of these conditions.


Diarrhea is one of the most common conditions that chins experience.  It is characterized by soft, running stool.  It can be caused by various things such as moldy hay or consuming a harmful substance.  Diarrhea can also be caused if you feed your chin too much rich food.  It can usually be treated with a dietary change.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are also common chinchilla health issues.  It usually results from an infection that started in another area.  There are various signs that signal an ear infection.  Your chin will likely experience ear drainage, head tilting, or paw at one of his ears a lot.  This type of infection can be treated using antibiotics.

Heat Stroke

Heat strokes can be life-threatening for your chin.  They are most commonly caused by prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures.  However, it can also be caused by too much exposure to direct sunlight and lack of air ventilation.  You will need to remove your pet from the heat source and try to cool him down immediately.  This can be done by placing him near a fan, soaking him in cool water, or simply giving him cool, salty water to drink.


One of the final common chinchilla health issues is enteritis.  It can be caused by various forms of bacteria.  The veterinarian will have to identify the specific bacteria at fault or he will have to use a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

These are some of the most common chinchilla health issues. If you've never raised one before, then there are many things you need to learn about proper chinchilla care. So, click here now to start learning about some of the most important chinchilla information you need to know.

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