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Common Pug Dog Health Issues

Hip Dysplasia is Actually a Common Problem Among Many Dogs, Particularly Larger Breeds, But Pugs are Also Particularly Susceptible to This Condition.

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asia occurs when there is some malformation of the hip joint and the femur bone does not fit correctly, which can cause the dog a lot of pain and in severe cases the dog may need surgery or have to be put down. A proper diet along with a pattern of exercises on a regular basis are the best methods for handling milder cases.

If the pug\'s nostrils are narrow or constrained, he has a problem called "stenotic nares," which can strain his body and lead to an enlarged heart. Signs of this condition, which can be corrected with surgery, include mouth breathing and nasal discharge that is foamy.

A condition in which the eyelids fold inward, causing eye trouble including ulcerations and scratches, is called entropion. The usual way to treat your puppy dog for this malady is surgery, but it\'s important to note early on the signs and symptoms for it to be successfully controlled.

Dry Eyes is another condition that can fairly commonly occur in pugs. Having dry eyes can be defined as not being able to produce enough of your own tears to keep the eyes moist. There are a few things that can cause the tear ducts not to produce enough tears, blockage of the duct, failure of the tear ducts or lack of nerve stimulation to the tear ducts, and treatment is dependent upon how severe the condition is.

Demodectic skin mites is a common problem among many dogs and comes in two forms. With the first form, localized demodectic mange, appearing as small hairless patches of skin, is seen in dogs under one year of age. The second form is generalized demodectic mange, which appears in one large patch of hairless but healthy looking skin and can appear in a dog of any age.

If you intend to get a pug, you need to look out for certain health conditions, so if you think that your pug may have problems listed above or some other types of problems make an appointment with the vet to have your dog go through an evaluation to ensure he is okay

Dog health should be a primary concern of every dog owner. And there are some health issues common only to particular breeds of dog. If you're a pug owner, or thinking of adding a pug to your family, you'll want to find out all you can about pug health issues.

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