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Health Care – Living on the Edge

Where is America's health care system heading? The insured, the uninsured, the winners the losers.

By: Law Shopper
One aspect of our market driven economy that fails Americans is the current health care system. The expensive user pays regime has ensured that people who are not covered by health insurance will not only receive sub standard treatment, but will also not receive essential preventative treatment for chronic manageable illnesses. In the long run, it is the community that will bare the cost. The uninsured tend to be precluded from early treatment of high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol related illnesses.

Almost fifty percent of uninsured patients with manageable chronic illnesses, did not receive early assessment and treatment. In contrast, between twenty to thirty percent of insured patients had missed out on that all important early diagnosis. A catch twenty two scenario has developed. Our pro private health insurance system fails to diagnose preventable conditions early, which results  in health complications for large numbers of our citizens later on in life. These manageable diseases’ become complicated to treat and inevitably the tab is picked up by the tax payer.

Recent statistics indicate, it is only when publicly funded health campaigns are held, do chronic manageable conditions in both the insured and un-insured demographic improve.

As the cost of quality health care increases, so do the private health plan deductibles and excess fees increase as well. Some plans will not even cover preventative care practices or even a simple blood test.

Reform is needed, and needed to be implemented quickly for what has now become one very chronically ill health care system.

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